We’re bombarded by a single image of what beauty is supposed to be, and we're told that if we don’t aspire to that, then we’re not beautiful enough. And not good enough. But the human body is a beautiful canvas regardless of weight, colour, height, or dimensions, and anyone has the right to stand up and say “I am here, and I am beautiful.”

You don’t have to look at an image in a magazine that looks like no one you actually know and think “I wish I was as beautiful as that.”, because you are beautiful. You ought to look at those same images and understand that you’re every bit as sexy and vibrant and relevant as they are, and accept the idea that there is no single definition of beauty. Then you might stop all that pointless wishful thinking, and instead think to yourself, “I don't have to try to be as beautiful as that person. I'm already as beautiful as me.”

That's where we come in. Welcome to As Beautiful As Me, a place created to celebrate the human body photographed in forms we don't conventionally see in mainstream photography.

The ladies inside go by many titles - fat, BBW, zaftig, plus-sized, Rubenesque; the list goes on. But when you remove the labels (as you SHOULD!), they all share one trait: they are beautiful.

The images inside make no apologies. They make no excuses. They show larger women being comfortable and beautiful in their own skin. And what else does art require?

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